Wednesday 14 April 2021

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Silverfish can be a real annoyance. They like to eat paper and are especially known for eating wallpaper. An invasion of silverfish can do a number on your home and you are sure to want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Besides the havoc they tend to bring upon your home, running into a group of these little guys can be horrible. They are not the most attractive of insects and can be rather frightening for the squeamish. They are silver in color, hence their name, and about half of an inch long. They have long slim bodies that taper towards the rear.

Where you May Find Them

Silverfish are often found in damp areas that are not too hot or too cold, including:

- basements

- laundry rooms

- sink areas

They like areas were they can get a supply of starchy food and water. They are also attracted to mold and fungi.

Habits to Understand

Understanding a silverfish can help you to better control them. Here are some habits you should know that can help you devise a plan to get rid of them:

- The move quickly, but will stay near a food source.

- They lay eggs throughout the year.

- They are nocturnal.

- They shed their skins.

- They leave behind a yellow stain on fabric areas.

Look out for these signs so you can better find out where they are living to get rid of them.

Methods to Get Rid of Silverfish

To get rid of silverfish the best first line of defense is to remove their habitats. This means getting rid of humidity and moisture as best as possible. A dehumidifier is the best tool for this job. You should also mend any leaking pipes. Also vacuum cracks and crevices near the floors and ceiling where they may hide. Apply a residual perimeter treatment inside your home.

Removing all moisture from your home is very difficult, if not impossible, so you may need to try chemical methods of removal. You can buy bait and dust to get rid of them too. You should dust or put bait in the areas where they are likely living.

Getting rid of silverfish is al about knowing where they live and what they want from your home. Once you start making your home less inviting to them they will move out and find a new place to live.